Thursday, August 25, 2011

iOS 5 excesses Review

iOS 5 excesses Review

iOS 5  Operating System has been waiting by Apple product lover. After review of the iPhone 5, Here  present some of the features and advantages of the iOS 5 operating system , which will soon enter the gadget world, but this is still a rumor of  iOS 5 excesses review: 

1.Notification, real time notification on the screen, Notification lock screen

2. iMessage Service in the Messaging application

3.Reminder-Including Options Location

4. Sound Notification, Email, Voicemail and Calendar

5. iCloud service integrated

6.Aplikasi Cameras Increased

7.Photo Editor integrated-crop, auto enhancement, rotate and improved Red-Eye

8.Safari updated-Tabbed Browsing (In IPAD), privacy browsing mode, integrated reader, reading lists and Optimal Performance

9.Lookup dictionary across Interfaces

10.Free Computer Operation-Independent Activation, OTA ​​Updates, red and swollen and Restore iCloud

11.Wi-Fi with iTunes with Automatic Operation

12.Mail Feature-in Application Options Bold, Italic, Underline and Quote, Search, Mark as Read / Not Read and Flasg Settings, Add / Remove Folder Mailbox

13 Updated Calendar and Applications Game Center

14.Newsstand App

15.iPod Player renamed the music with new icon

16.Video separate App for iPhone

17.History purchase on the App Store

18.New option Management Storage

19.Multitasking for iPad

20.AirPlay Mirroring for iPad

More about iOS 5, it could be more completely if we find out the weaknesses of iOS 5 for your Apple gadget.


smeth ross said...

iOS 5 excesses is the new version of iPhone. There are so many changes users can get in the iPhone 5. Wi-Fi with iTunes and iMessage Service are the nice features of iPhone 5.
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