Tuesday, July 19, 2011

iphone 5 full Specification News

iphone 5 specification

For specifications of iPhone 5 ,it proclaim will use the exact same processor as the processor Apple iPad 2 called A5 processor. iphone 5 will use the concept of a very thin desaign ultra-slim alias. iPhone 5 will also use the build-in holographic video projector, a technology that may be too expensive is applied in a gadget. And the GSM radio technology in the iPhone 5 no longer use the chipset from Infineon, but Qualcomm products.

iPhone 5 is projected to slide in July 2011. We'll wait on the game and prove whether all the rumors are true that is now developing. For the price the iPhone 5 to now there has been no news on what price tag, might be less expensive than the iPhone 4, we wait for that presence in 2011. 

Large increase of the iPhone 5 is a bigger screen which is expected, according to Digitimes, 4 inches. Speculation also emerged about the existence of dual-core chips, just like the iPad 2. In addition, there was news that Apple is using technology called Near Field Communication (NFC) in the iPhone 5. The technology lets users pay for the product by scanning the iPhone 5 device in the sensor are available.


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