Thursday, August 25, 2011

How to upgrade to iOS 5 use " simple Backdoor"

How to upgrade to iOS 5 use  simple Backdoor

I found something interesting while I was blog walking, the simple steps to upgrade iOS 5 unofficial version, because Upgrade to IOS 5 without a Developer Account has been possible through a "simple backdoor". I took this interesting scene on

The following are the steps to upgrade the IOS 5 "version of the unofficial". This step is quite simple and can be done by all users. But a little mistake can lead to malfunction of your handset, "so do it carefully!".

Download and install IOS 5
  • Download IOS 5th IPSW file. This file is widely available on the internet, you can easily search through Google Search and download it.
  • Update iPhone using iTunes. To do this, connect your iPhone with your PC or Mac and click the "check for updates". Select file IOS 5 IPSW that you have downloaded.
  • Wait until the upgrade is complete which is marked by the emergence of "activation screen".
Activation IOS 5 
  • Click 3 times on the "Home". By doing this, you will activate Voice Over. 
  • Click 3 times on the "Home" and "Emergency Call" will appear. 
  • Click the "Emergency Call", and when connecting, slide the screen using your finger to the bottom three. 
  • "Notification Center" will appear 
  • Click on "Weather Widget". By doing this, the Weather application will appear. 
  • Click the "Home" to exit the "iPhone Springboard"
I think this trick needs to do, but it must be carefully juast enjoy How to upgrade to iOS 5 use " simple Backdoor".


Anonymous said...

disediakan bahasa indo donk,ane mau upgrade kagak tau maksutnya niieeee.
seeeeeeeeep betul agan yang 1 nie

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