Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Weaknesses of the iphone 4

defect of iphone 4
There are many weaknesses of the iphone 4, the one of apple product does have many disadvantages compared with other iPhone products. The following are some weaknesses or defects in the iphone 4 have a report based on propagators various users.
  • antenna, it is true iphone 4 has a weakness on the part of the antenna. The signal on iphone often disappear or are weak and it is caused by the device antenna iphone 4. The weak cell phone signal. This is because Apple is buried at the bottom of the left antenna, so that when grasped signals will interfere with signal reception.
  • Flaw on the screen, Although he has done the color settings, but in a number of iPhone 4 still contained some yellow points.
  • IPhone 4 design that uses stainless steel was allegedly too easily scratched. Reportedly, the iPhone there are a number of scratch marks.
  • A report on the Boy Genius website Report that there was fire when iPhone is connected to the computer using the original USB cable from Apple that is bundled with the phone. 
it's only a few direct reports from users iphone 4. and the parties also recognize that the apple iphone 4 had defects.

I hope iphone 5 getting better ^_^


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