Friday, July 29, 2011

LG G- Slate Specification

LG G-slate specification

LG G-Slate is a gadget by LG output with the ability to watch HD video streaming, video chats and of course, multitasking. Another attraction of this tablet is the Android OS 3.0 is certainly able to bring your favorite applications like Gmail, youtube, Google Maps and much more.

LG G- Slate also features dual HD rear-facing, 5 Mp camera or camera plus flash LED 3D. The camera lens is in place with a distance of several inches apart so as to capture different images as the human eye. The camera is also capable of recording video with 1080p capability.

With LG G- Slate also enjoy the pleasure of HD video while you watch the movie, TV show, clip of YouTube with the ability to playback 720p.

LG G-Slate has a 8.9-inch multi-touch, also NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor that supports multi-tasking. so you can stream the music on the internet while watching HD video and Download files simultaneously, but the performance is maintained


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