Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Google Launches Music Beta ,, let's see the reviews


The Music Beta service will allow users to upload 20,000 songs for streaming to their Android devices or a web-player built for Chrome. The storage space is measured per song rather than per gigabyte, and easily outpaces what Amazon is offering at the free level. The service is launching as invitation-only, with I/O attendees and owners of the Verizon Motorola XOOM getting first dibs.

the beta music service shows flashes of what Google ultimately has in mind. For instance, the music app has an Instant Mix feature that creates a playlist based on a single song. The service analyzes the song's characteristics (not just metadata) and pulls other similar songs from the users' music library. Another cool feature is that the playlists created can be synched across devices.So playlists created on a user's mobile phone will immediately show up on a tablet device or Google account online. There's no need to transfer files between devices.

Other features of Music Beta by Google include:

-- Any Web-connected device with a browser or supporting Flash can stream music from the locker. Requires Android-powered devices with the app installed to download and play cached streams.

-- Users who sign up for the locker service will get free music added, similar to how some mp3 players ship with sample tracks. Google negotiated rights to this free music with various rightsholders.

-- All music available to each device is available in a single view, meaning users won't see one list for music stored native on the device and another list of music stored in the locker.

-- Audio quality for streaming files can be as high as 320kbps if the device and network supports it.

-- Optimized for Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) but any Android device version 2.2 or above can support it.

Levine stressed that many more features may be added to the service over time, and that Google will continue to seek licenses with the major labels.


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