Sunday, March 20, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4G Specification

Samsung seen continued expansion in the product market of smartphones and tablet PC, Galaxy Tab. Now the South Korean handset manufacturer is intended to hold a large operator in the United States, Verizon. But, not the Galaxy Tab 'standards' are thrust into the company but Galaxy Tab operators who have 'upgraded'.
Galaxy Tab new version will be loaded with LTE 4G technology. So not only will Motorola Xoom tablet that runs on Verizon's super-fast network.
Specifications of the Galaxy Tab 4G arguably a step further than the version of 'standard'. Now been reinforced by Hummingbird faster processors, with clock of 1.2 GHz. Also, equipped with rear 5 MP camera. As we all know the Galaxy Tab 'standard' merely embed the processor 1 GHz and 3.15 MP main camera.
Meanwhile, the design covers the back of the Galaxy Tab has been fixed, which made the texture of a new, more abrasive surface until more comfortable, not slippery.
For the screen, Tab 4G Galaxy still uses a 7-inch display, it's no different with the Galaxy Tab 'standard' or even Galaxy Tab version of Wi-Fi. So it is with the resolution, the 1024x600 pixels. Android 2.2 operating system still Froyo.


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