Sunday, February 6, 2011

AHA Modem VME Vibe 150

Latest AHA VME Vibe 150 is, has four functions, namely modems, mp3 player, FM radio and a dictaphone.
To strengthen the feature mp3 player, Bakrie Connectivity in collaboration with five of Indonesia's biggest music labels (Warner, Universal, Musica, Trinity and Sony Indonesia). With this modem AHA Vibe, Vibe AHA customers can download thousands of local and international songs. To download songs, users AHA Vibe enough just to connect to the Internet, then click on music applications to see a list of songs and download them. The download process took place very rapidly in the presence of EVDO technology that allows Internet speeds reaching 3.1 Mbps,
In modem AHA Vibe also features protection of DRM (Digital Rights Management), so the user can not listen to songs from other sources or move existing content into other media. So with the existence of this DRM protection, the song can not be hijacked via a modem AHA vibe. Songs that are downloaded, can only be listened to via modem AHA Vibe only.
 Specifications VME  AHA Modem Vibe 150
     * Supported RUIM
     * CDMA 2000-1x EVDO 800MHz
     * Download max. 3.1 Mbps
     * Upload max. 1.8 Mbps
     * USB Flash disk
     * Plug & Play for Windows & Mac
     * FM Radio
     * strereo headset
     * mp3 player
     * Dictaphone
     * Free internet for 30 days with speeds reaching 3.1 Mbps
     * Free unlimited download songs via the AHA Vibe music downloader


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