Sunday, February 6, 2011

AHA Link, Personal Mobile Hotspot

Not satisfied with the USB modem launches 4 in 1 (AHA Vibe) and Android phones with price 'skewed' (AHA Touch), Bakrie Connectivity hotspot also introduced portable devices that can answer the needs of people accessing the internet anywhere, AHA Link. AHA Link is a portable device that combines the functions of wireless broadband routers, modems and access points so that the user does not need to rely on wifi facilities. Amazingly this device not only provides an access point for one user only, but for five users at once.

Like the other two brand-new output, AHA and AHA Vibe Touch, personal hotspot uses CMDA EVDO Rev.A technology 800Mhz which is equivalent to 3.5G technology than GSM and can provide speeds up to 3.1 Mbps. AHA links can be used by five users at the same time. It only takes a data cable and, of course, a device that supports wifi as the iPad, iPod Touch, tablet computers, game consoles and laptops or netbooks.


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