Saturday, November 13, 2010

TV Sharp Alexander Slim II series

Growing technological world makes people confused to choose which products truly superior. PT Sharp Electronics Indonesia (SEID) also did not want to lose in competing in this field. Sharp re-present with slim flat CTV, which is the 4th generation of the series is Alexander Slim II. Comes with a super slim design in her shiny black color and makes it look masculine and elegant.

Ultra Slim Design ( thinner 30% to 21 ") and Super Slim (20% thinner to 29") than any other flat screen TVs, make the room remains spacious, exclusive and comfortable.Carrying the slogan IIOTO (adapted from Japanese) which means good sound, Alexander Slim II equipped performance of Full Range Round Speaker diameter of 10 cm to reach the sound from low to high frequencies. Enhanced with Anti-Distortion Speaker Box that is able to maximize the reflection of the bass sound coming out of the woofer to produce a more powerful bass sound.
Alexander Slim II is Coupled with a 2-way 4-way Speaker System that can divide a low voice (bass) and high voice (Treble) to 4 speakers. All these features further enhance the sound quality from the Alexander Slim II.


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