Sunday, November 21, 2010

Nikon D7000

 Nikon D7000

The quality produced by the D7000 is very unusual to achieve superior quality 16.2 MP. As mentioned by Jordi Brinkman that EXPEED 2, has the perfect image processing system with the fastest image processing speed of today, the energy consumption required by the EXPEED batery 2 is very efficient, so the camera batery can last a long time. While the ISO sensitivity of 100-6400 D7000 can then be extended to reach 25 600 (High ISO Sensitivity).

With an ISO range of the D7000 is able to minimize the noise in the images obtained, even in a state of minimal space light image quality is maintained. Create a buddy Recent Photos Amendment with low ligth techniques D7000 may be considered again to own.DSLR technology now mostly equipped with a video recording system, including this D7000 which has direct access to the record button in order to facilitate and speed up the film in the mode of operation. D7000 video features offered are very tempting, Full HD D-Movie (1080p) premises AF-F mode that can capture the focus continuously or continuously during the process of recording video. The film is captured by the D7000 then compressed using the MPEG4 AVC/H.264 format. Best of D7000 is equipped with a microphone jack to record sound with stereo quality.

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